CARCASA UBIQUITI, pt. nanoHD, upgradabila, design marmura, 3 pack, "NHD-COVER-MARBLE-3"

CARCASA UBIQUITI, pt. nanoHD, upgradabila, design marmura, 3 pack, "NHD-COVER-MARBLE-3"

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3-Pack (Marble) Design Upgradable Casing for nanoHD

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SR EN ISO 9001:2015

Ubiquiti Networks designs, manufacturers, and sells innovative broadband wireless solutions worldwide. The company's products include disruptive outdoor wireless products such as the Bullet, NanoStation, NanoBridge, and others; which combine industry leading product design built around internally developed core technologies including the AirOS operating system and Frequency Freedom technology (100MHz to 10GHz) RF design. As a company which thrives on innovation and the understanding of customer needs, the products deliver on the price/performance metrics carriers require to build stronger, faster, and smarter wireless networks.


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