VGA card holder DEEPCOOL "GH-01"

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VGA card holder DEEPCOOL "GH-01"

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IN STOC | 10 BUCATI Livrare estimata : 18.06.2021 - 24.06.2021

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in conformitate cu prevederile OUG 34/2014


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ISO 9001:2015 / SR EN ISO 9001:2015

Compatible with Asus Aura, ASRock Polychrome Sync, MSI Mystic Light Sync

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Addressable RGB Light function MUST BE work with an Addressable RGB(+5V, 3-pin) capable motherboard or an Addressable RGB(+5V, 3-pin) controller, which is NOT included in this selling package.

It will NOT work with 4-pin RGB or Standard RGB+12V

Equipped with 9pcs of Addressable RGB LEDs. Can be synced with other 5V ADD-RGB devices by M/B.

The unique wire hiding function keeps the interior appearance clean and tidy.

Structured with the uniquely designed metal frame and plastic base, coated with premium metallic paint. It can easily support a 5Kg graphics card.

It utilizes a unique saw-tooth adjustment mechanism and a dual-hole installation design. Easy to install and use.

Support computer cases of different models (with or without a power supply shield). Installation of a base extension (included) is required for cases without a power supply shield.


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